60-in-1 games

Original 8-bit classic games

Sixty 8-bit classic games published in the early 80's, including the famous Pac-Man, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders... and a few more to discover!


Machines including these games


Maze | 1980 | Namco (Midway)

The classic one! Traverse the maze by eating all the dots without letting the ghosts catch you. Which level can you reach?

Pac-Man Pac-Man


Shooter / Gallery | 1979 | Namco (Namco set 1)

THE arcade shooter, with permission from Space Invaders. Destroy enemy ship squadrons dodging their shots. Watch their suicide attacks!

Galaxian Galaxian

Donkey Kong

Platform / Run Jump | 1981 | Nintendo of America (US set 1)

The game that made Mario famous: climb to rescue Pauline, dodging or destroying barrels thrown by the fiery Kong to prevent you from reaching the top.

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong


Maze | 1981 | Konami

Cross the road dodging cars and trucks, and then cross the river being careful not to fall into the crocodiles' jaws... or into the water, because this frog cannot swim!

Frogger Frogger


Shooter / Flying Vertical | 1984 | Capcom (Revision B)

Fly the "Super Ace", your Second World War fighter until you reach Tokyo. Destroy all Japanese air and sea forces. Evade the crossfire doing rolls.

1942 1942


Shooter / Gallery | 1980 | Amstar (Amstar)

One of the first games with bosses at the end of the levels. Destroy the enemy birds before they kill you and use your shield to prevent their shots from damaging you.

Phoenix Phoenix


Shooter / Gallery | 1980 | Atari (revision 3)

Avoid getting caught by the centipede! Use your laser to finish him and destroy the mushrooms that make it move faster. Don't forget to dodge the spiders.

Centipede Centipede


Breakout | 1986 | Taito Corporation Japan (World)

Probably the most famous game of this genre in history, taking the classic Breakout by Atari into space. Take control of the Vaus capsule to level up and up until you defeat the evil Emperor Doh.

Arkanoid Arkanoid

Tank Battalion

Maze / Shooter Small | 1980 | Namco

The classic tank battle game. Destroy 20 enemies to enter the next level, while you prevent them from destroying your headquarters.

Tank Battalion Tank Battalion

Space Invaders

Shooter / Gallery | 1978 | Taito (TV Version)

The oldest of the shooter games. Take control of the laser cannon and destroy the aliens descending to conquer the Earth. Take shelter behind the bunkers to avoid their fire.

Space Invaders Space Invaders

Burger Time

Platform / Run Jump | 1982 | Data East Corporation (Data East set 1)

Step into the shoes of the famous chef Peter Pepper to make some tasty burgers. Use your pepper shaker to protect yourself from the evil Gherkin, Fried Egg and Hotdog.

Burger Time Burger Time

Mr. Do!

Maze / Digging | 1982 | Universal

Help Mr. Do!, a clown trapped in a maze, to dig new tunnels to avoid the monsters and collect cherries. Defeat your enemies by throwing apples from above.

Mr. Do! Mr. Do!


Platform / Run Jump | 1983 | Namco (US)

Help Mappy the police mouse prevent cat robbers to flee with their loot. Use the springboards to move from one floor to another, and remember the doors can be very helpful.

Mappy Mappy


Maze | 1982 | Sega (set 1 rev c)

Make Pengo get rid of the Sno-Bees by throwing them ice blocks before he gets caught. Hurry or the Sno-Bees will melt your equipment before you can finish them.

Pengo Pengo

Time Pilot

Shooter / Field | 1982 | Konami

Pilot your plane through time and rescue your comrades while fighting WWI biplanes, WWII fighters, helicopters and spaceships from the future.

Time Pilot Time Pilot

Dig Dug

Maze / Digging | 1982 | Namco (rev 2)

Dig tunnels and use your air pump to inflate and explode your enemies, or throw them rocks if you prefer. Don't forget to collect the fruits and vegetables you see!

Dig Dug Dig Dug


Shooter / Flying Vertical | 1982 | Namco (Namco)

Pilot the Solvalou combat ship to save the Earth from alien invaders coming from planet Xevious, and dodge attacks ordered by the biocomputer Gamp. Use your bombs to destroy the enemies on the ground.

Xevious Xevious

Shao-lin's Road

Platform / Fighter | 1985 | Konami (set 1)

Walk with Shao-Lin in his fight against his enemies. Use your Kung Fu knowledge to kill the minions and bosses without breaking a sweat.

Shao-lin's Road Shao-lin's Road


Shooter / Flying Diagonal | 1982 | Sega (set 1)

The first game to use isometric perspective! Destroy enemies, dodge missiles and destroy fuel tanks to refuel. Keep an eye on the altimeter to avoid crashing.

Zaxxon Zaxxon

Bomb Jack

Platform / Run Jump | 1984 | Tehkan (set 1)

Take control of Jack, a superhero who can jump and glide with his cape. Disable the bombs that terrorists have planted in 24 famous landmarks, from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to Hollywood.

Bomb Jack Bomb Jack

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