COCKTAIL arcade machine for 2+2 players

More than a thousand games and 2+2 players!

A table to play with your friends horizontal and vertical games. Can you imagine having 1505 classic games to play with whoever you want?

2+2 players
1505 games (horizontal and vertical)
98 × 75 × 69 cm (22" LCD screen)

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How is the machine like?


1505 GAMES


COIN BOX (+free credit)

98 × 75 × 69 cm (67 Kg)

BLACK (several characters)

Your order contains

  • Cardboard box and polystyrene protections to keep your machine safe during shipping
  • The machine described in the previous section
  • The classic original games already installed on the machine's mainboard
  • Power cord for the standard European AC socket (plus an adaptor for the British one if you live in the UK)
  • Two sets of keys for the machine locks
  • Four rubber feet to adjust to the bottom of the machine
  • Your bill
  • List of games provided
  • The installation and user manual can be downloaded from the User Manuals section, where you'll always find the latest versions.

Why buy at Kraken Machines?

  • The best price, including taxes, games and 2 years warranty. You only need to add the shipment cost.
  • High quality, polished, brand-new machines, so you can enjoy them for many years.
  • Classic games already included, so you don't have to download or install anything. Your machine is ready to be used as soon as you unbox and plug it in.
  • We send your order to your home, establishment or wherever you want in 48-72 hours (depending on your exact location).
  • Any doubt? Don't keep it to yourself and contact us: or +34 910845787.


Do you want to see how this machine works? Check out the User Manual to see how this machine looks like on the outside and the inside.

Parts of the Machine

The machine consists of a table-shaped wooden cabinet with a horizontally mounted monitor and keyboards on three of the machine sides, two rear doors with a lock (two copies of the key are provided) and a connector for the power cord, as well as the on/off button and a coin collecting mechanism.

This machine gets best of both worlds to play the games exactly how they were created: 1 or 2 players can play simultaneously horizontal games (Street Fighters, Metal Slug, King of Fighters…) and there is a button to switch to vertical games (Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders…) where 1 or 2 players can play in turns (using the two opposite included keyboards) with the screen switching when turn changes.

Parts of the Machine

Coin collector

Configurable to collect coins of several sizes and values. Includes a free credit button inside the table.

Tempered Glass

On the top of the table to protect the screen and to place glasses, cups or small objects.

2+2 Players

8-way high quality joysticks and 6 (for horizontal games) or 3 (for vertical ones) buttons per player. 

Chrome plated

To provide an elegant finish to your arcade machine and protect the edges from any damage.

Multigame JAMMA board

This machine includes a multigame JAMMA board. JAMMA (stands for Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association) is an association of manufacturers like Capcom, Konami, Namco, Sega and Taito that created a set of technical specifications to build arcade machines with standard components that could be interchanged. Therefore, the board has connectors with standard components which can be replaced with compatible ones anytime.

It is not a PC: the components are directly soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) which avoids moving parts that are less durable. JAMMA multigame boards are stronger, they run cooler, make less noise and last longer than PCs. The board has the emulation software and games installed out of the box, so no additional games can be installed.

This machine includes a JAMMA board model Game King P4-4P with 1505 games installed (see below). The main features are:

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor and electronic drive (faster and more stable than hard drives). 
  • The board is mounted inside a metal box anchored to the bottom of the machine for its protection. 
  • Games are organized in lists: wrestling, mazes, platforms, sports... that can be set visible or not. 
  • User adjustable game options (Game dip switch settings: number of lives, difficulty, etc)
  • Option to run in One Game (as the classic ones) or All Games mode.
  • Output for two speakers (stereo) with adjustable volume. 
  • Setup the Coin/Credits ratio (1 coin for 1 credit, 2 credits or 3 credits, 2 coins 1 credit, 3 coins 1 credit).

Complete Game List

More than fifteen hundred 8 and 16-bit classic games up to 4 players. Essentials such as Tetris or Pac-Man, great sagas such as Metal Slug, Street Fighter or KOF, legends such as the original PuckMan or Mazinger Z… you'll never get bored!

Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001

Plataform / Shooter Scrolling | 1999 | SNK (NGM-2500)(NGH-2500)

An improved version of Metal Slug 2, one of the best NEO·GEO games. Shoot the enemies until you reach the final boss of each stage. Pick your favorite weapon and pilot armored vehicles to move faster.


Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001 Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001


Maze | 1980 | Namco (Midway)(clone)

The classic one! Traverse the maze by eating all the dots without letting the ghosts catch you. Which level can you reach?


Pac-Man Pac-Man

Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move

Puzzle / Toss | 1994 | Taito (Neo-Geo)(NGM-083)

The first bubble-shooter game, developed by Taito, which keeps being remade for smartphones and tablets.


Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Fighting / Versus | 1991 | Capcom (World 910522)

Sequel to the original 1987 Street Fighter, this fighting game by Capcom introduced special attacks and six-button controls. Its success was so big that it inspired future fight games for a decade.


Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

You can see the full list of games included in this machine in the 1505-in-1 Games section.


Returns and Warranty

This arcade machine can be returned and it has 2 years warranty, as described in the Returns and Warranty section.


Mmmm, I am not sure this is the one I want. Help me find the best arcade machine for me!

  • Number of players: 4 players
  • Mainboard: Jamma original
  • Games: 1505 classic games
  • Screen: 22" LCD
  • Coin box: yes (configurable)
  • Size (width × depth × height): 98 × 67 × 75 cm
  • Machine weight: 67 Kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Number of speakers: 2 (stereo)

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COCKTAIL arcade machine for 2+2 players

COCKTAIL arcade machine for 2+2 players

More than a thousand games and 2+2 players!

A table to play with your friends horizontal and vertical games. Can you imagine having 1505 classic games to play with whoever you want?

2+2 players
1505 games (horizontal and vertical)
98 × 75 × 69 cm (22" LCD screen)

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